Sunday, August 24, 2008

La Salle

La Salle Klang; satu tempat yang menarik..di sinilah i jumpa ramai karakter pelik2...ade yang sengal, ade yang bising tak tentu pasal, ade yang suke jaga tepi kain orang, ade yang mulut cabul tak ingat... tapi yang penting i dapat jumpa students yang understanding,well sometimes mencabar tahap kesabaran i...tapi i harap ape yang i ajar diaorang dapat diserap sepenuhnyer...well, a good teacher will produce quality students,katakan...hehehe...tapi apepun La Salle Klang memang best...mesti i rindu kat diaorang nie nanti...

Friday, August 22, 2008


well,its been a while for dis whole practical thingy..
ive managed to survive d whole journey since day lucky to have my session here in La Salle wer i get to meet nice people-d teachers and luckily i got students from the top 3 classes..
dey are cooperative but sometimes too loud..i hate wen dey r loud..
at d end of da day,i owes thought dat how i could manage da day-wat a relief!!..
but da worst part is wen u wake up da next morning-early!!..oh no!! dats not a pleasure,huhu!!